Intra-Workout Nutrition: What you should eat during your workout

December 12, 2020

Intra-workout meal
Intra-workout nutrition is the key to building muscle and enhancing recovery.

Intra-workout nutrition has received more attention in the past few years as athletes look for new ways to maximize workout performance. Though eating during your workout was common in bodybuilding for many decades, it fell out of favor when diet fads seeking to help those struggling with weight loss began to demonized carbohydrates and fat. Times have changed and athletes are rediscovering the benefits to performance, recovery, muscle protein synthesis, and body composition that intra-workout nutrition provides. The goal is to actively generate muscle glycogen and to prevent a massive caloric deficit from training. Be sure to check out our guides on pre- and post-workout nutrition.

Examples of Intra-Workout Nutrition

Similar to pre-workout nutrition, your choices for intra-workout food will depend on many factors unique to you and your goals. Fortunately, because the body is looking for simple sugar to replenish glycogen in muscle tissue, you can get away with eating some tasty treats during your workout and not have to worry at all about them negatively impacting body composition (i.e. body fat). Common intra-workout carbohydrate examples are dextrose, sucrose, and fructose.

Your intra-workout meal should coincide with your overall caloric needs, what type of training you are doing, how long you plan on training, and how intensely you train. Your meal/snacks may differ from day to day depending on what your needs are and what you feel like eating.

If your workout will be 45 minutes or less, high intensity strength training, and/or largely cardiovascular training

If you go with quick and intense workouts you want to stay away from foods that will take effort to digest. Since you will be in and out of the gym you want to consume foods that will get into your system for consumption quickly.

  • Intra drink containing amino acids, especially BCAAs, and dextrose
  • Intra-workout carbohydrates such as dextrose, glucose, or fructose. These are often found in sports drinks.
  • Fruit juice

If your workout will be over 45 minutes

Many of the same rules apply to workouts exceeding 45 minutes. If performing a less intense training session, consuming some solid foods shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Intra drink containing amino acids, especially BCAAs, and dextrose
  • Fruit juice or whole fruit
  • Cookies, candy, chips, etc.

To summarize, a combination of fast-digesting carbohydrates and amino acid supplements is recommended for intra-workout consumption.

The Best Intra-Workout Supplements

A question that is often asked is “Are intra-workout supplements worth it?” If you’re looking to optimize your training, adding in supplements is a great way to achieve maximum performance as well as ensure proper recovery. Supplements help to enhance your performance and strength, increase energy available to muscle, and recover and build muscle.

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